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  • Wrestling with God: Who Can You Become?

    It’s here again—that time of year with so many favorite stories. The wise men, the shepherds, the virgin, the Baby. I’ve been reading for the last few weeks in Genesis, because all the stories start there. And I’m amazed at how even the lives of the ancient patriarchs seem to hold a mirror in front […full post]

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  • Doolittle Raid After Pearl Forgiveness Wins

    A Doolittle Raid Story: After Pearl Harbor, Forgiveness Wins

    Stories can be powerful things. I’m struck by how, during this past year, so many of the stories we’ve told have been about what divides us—what makes us “red” versus “blue.” The 75th anniversaries of many WWII events could be an occasion to tell more stories that divide. But with the Doolittle Raid’s 75th anniversary […full post]

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