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  • Thoughts on the Rock the Road the Rabbi

    Thoughts on The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi

    I’m thrilled to share this guest post by Rose McCauley, a talented novelist who’s really family here at Five Stones and a Sling! Rose has been a great friend and supporter of the journey here almost since its inception. In this post, Rose highlights some fascinating insights from a book she read recently, which has […full post]

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  • Temple Destroyed

    A Tale of Two Temples

    Beware the Ninth of Av! The most ominous date on the Jewish calendar, the date that marks the destruction of the First and Second Temple, is coming up this weekend. If you drop by my blog often, you’ll know that I frequently draw themes from the Hebrew calendar. God’s faithfulness to keep His “appointed times” […full post]

  • A Tale of Two Brides | Linda Thompson

    A Tale of Two Brides—Which Bride Are We?

    Devoted bride? Or distracted bride? Which Bride of Christ are we? Speak now… or forever hold your peace! And here we go again! I started out with a plan to write about one thing, but somehow as I sought the Lord this morphed into something else. If you come here often, you’ll know that I […full post]

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