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  • Commandments Are for Keeps. Or Not?

    Commandments Are For Keeps. Or Not?

    Rest! That’s an order. Is the Sabbath (Shabbat) relevant to Christians today? In our multitasking, speed-dating world, aren’t we sorely in need of God’s rest? This is one of those posts you dread because you know going in there’s no way to make everyone happy! There are a dozen different perspectives on Shabbat as it […full post]

  • The Commandment No One Talks About

    The Commandment No One Talks About

    In a multitasking, speed-dating world, what happened to the Sabbath rest? It’s like the fourth commandment was written in disappearing ink! True confession. This is the sixth post in a series on Divine Appointments: Insights from God’s Calendar. (Nothing in the Bible is old news!) By rights this post on Shabbat should have come first–or […full post]

  • Why??

    Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Some people are talking. But not nearly enough people are. Why not? Because this one’s in that realm of “inconvenient truths.” Telling this one like-it-is makes you an instant hater. I’ve seen my Twitter numbers drop after posting about this issue. Not that numbers are the point, but it’s frustrating when […full post]

  • And More Updates….

      I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting again so soon, but I have a couple of pressing updates for prayer. It’s brand new information and I thought you’d want to know. I’ll start with the good news–a huge praise report! Fabulous news from Sudan: Czechoslovakian Christian Petr Jasek was freed a few weeks […full post]

  • Keeping You Posted on Asia, Ahok and Pastor Hassan

    Keeping You Posted…

    I’ve been able to gather more updates on people we’ve prayed for, and unfortunately this time it’s not such good news. So I thought I’d post a quick update for those of you who are partnering in prayer for them. Fabulous news from Sudan: Czechoslovakian Christian Petr Jasek was freed 🙂 :), but the two […full post]

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