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  • Calms the seas

    My God, Who’s Steering This Boat?

    Okay. Confession time. I had really really good intentions of doing the November thankfulness thing on Facebook–you know, the one where you post every day about something you’re thankful for. But we all know about good intentions. Somehow the days got away from me and it was too late to start–at least that’s what I told […full post]

  • The Power of Purpose: What’s in a Why?

    I’ve been thinking about my “Why” for writing–the purpose behind it. For a couple of reasons. First, I got challenged by THIS: (I know it doesn’t show up very well on my page but trust me on this one. Check it out. Really!) What an amazing illustration of how knowing your Why gives your What […full post]

  • Asia Bibi on Death Row

    Condemned to Death Over a Cup of Water

    Illiterate. “Untouchable.” Christian. And a Woman. But Asia Discovers Her Voice. Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, was condemned to die by hanging in Pakistan seven years ago–literally for sharing a cup of water. She’s been in prison ever since. These posts on Asia Bibi are the start of a series on Stories of […full post]

  • Reckless Faith for the Last Days

    What if this were the last year? I’m not saying it is! But if it were, how would you live? Asia Bibi’s story has been in the news for years. The mother of five has been in prison since 2010… over a cup of water. Her crime was to offer water she’d fetched from a well […full post]

  • So What’s Your Book About, Actually?

    Well… it’s about two people in places they never chose to be, undergoing trials we can scarcely imagine. But in the end it’s a tale of reckless faith and (spoiler alert!) none of it’s too grim for God. My book is definitely a work of fiction, but an astonishing true story inspired it. On April […full post]

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