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  • Now I’m Somebody! (Or Am I?)

    I just spent four days in Nashville at the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Conference. It was fabulous! Workshops and worship and fellowship with hundreds of writers who are hard at work creating what the keynote speaker, Ted Dekker, terms “transformational fiction.” The headline news is… I was a finalist for an award and, to my […full post]

  • Confessions from My Secret Life

    Unless you know me well, I’ve probably been keeping something from you—at least until now. You see, there’s a hidden aspect to my life. A mysterious pursuit. It involves long hours of solitary effort in a garret room. Painstaking research into obscure topics in untraveled reaches of the world-wide web. Weekend excursions to far-flung places […full post]

  • Reckless Faith Home

    Reckless Faith Home

    Welcome over from Instagram! Click a headline for more detail.   SYRIA: Turkey Sponsors New ISIS Bloodbath NIGERIA: Boko Haram Kidnaps Another 110 Schoolgirls NEW BLOG POST: When the Queen Finds Her Voice OREGON, U.S.: New Bill Would Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death AMAZING NASA BLOOD MOON LIVE STREAM: Here NEW BLOG POST: When the […full post]

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