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  • The Life-Giving I AMs of Jesus: The Good Shepherd

    Three Precious Pearls of Revelation “I AM the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” (John 10:11) Well, my hiatus from blogging stretched out a bit longer than I expected! My travel schedule has just been haywire, and there’s a seemingly infinite to-do list involved in launching my debut novel, […full post]

  • The Door of the Sheep

    The Life-Giving I AMs of Jesus: The Door

    There’s more to Jesus’ statement than meets the eye. For this post, I’m tag-teaming with teacher extraordinaire, author and speaker Lauren Crews, a regular guest here at Five Stones and a Sling. It was Lauren’s insights on Yeshua’s “door” statement that got me interested in studying how Yeshua’s I AM statements relate to the Feasts. […full post]

  • When God's People Linger

    When God’s People Linger

    The seven-day Feast of Booths (“Tabernacles”), the last of the Lord’s Feasts, has an odd feature—an eighth day. Is the Lord telling us something? Inviting us to linger… with Him? This is a “bridge” post between my Divine Appointments series, which explores messages the Jewish calendar holds for today’s followers of Messiah, and a series on […full post]

  • To Shine Like SIlver | Patricia Lee

    To Shine Like Silver

      This week I’m super tied up getting ready for a trip to Wales, where our first grandson is about to arrive. I’m beside myself with excitement! My talented publishing “sibling,” Patricia Lee, has graciously agreed to take the mic here at Five Stones and a Sling this week. You’re going to love the brilliant […full post]

  • Lost Tribes and Other SIgns

    Lost Tribes and Other Signs

    This is the third in a three-part series on another fabulous end-times prophecy fulfilled before our eyes: God’s regathering of the “lost tribes” of Israel. But before I go there, as a watchman, I have a job to do. I am compelled to say a few words about the significance of the time period we’re […full post]

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