Coming in December 2020: The Mulberry Leaf Whispers

A WWII Japanese naval officer. The teenage daughter of a legendary Christian samurai. Three centuries separate them, but a crucial question binds their destinies together.

Which lives have value?

In the highly anticipated sequel to her award-winning debut novel, The Plum Blooms in Winter, Linda Thompson provides a riveting story inspired by true events.

“What a splendid story! From the palaces of 1500 Japan to the war-ravaged lands of the 1940s, Linda Thompson’s The Mulberry Leaf Whispers rivals Shogun with its sweeping story of passion and faith, of survival and hope. I love this story, the rich language and fresh imagery that brings the reader into the bone-aching choices of these characters. You’ll want to read every word of every page. I did. Be prepared to be enriched, moved and deeply satisfied.”
Jane KirkpatrickAward-winning author of Something Worth Doing

  • 1587. Bartered off in a peace agreement to the ancient enemies of her illustrious house, is Sono a war prize, a hostage, or a bride? One hope sustains her. If she can provide an heir to the dashing husband she just met, she’ll ensure decades of peace for the beloved family she was forced to leave behind. But when a dark secret threatens her desperate bid to purchase their security, she must rise to a battle she never dreamed she’d fight.
  • 1942. Akira Matsuura’s naval vessel explodes under enemy fire. Everything he has lived for disappears in flames with it. His command, his crew, his future—all lost. Worse, his honor is eternally decimated. A prisoner’s life is of value to no one. Least of all to himself. But a stunning twist reveals his family’s secret shame. Can a long-buried truth provide the vital spark that reignites his will to live?

Thrill to two poignant journeys of courage, duty, and sacrifice, deftly woven through the centuries to inspire you with dynamic faith that conquers despair.

“In lovely prose, The Mulberry Leaf Whispers describes the beauty and the danger of feudal Japan as well as the difficulties for Japanese prisoners of war during World War II. Full of fascinating detail, the story highlights two family members, hundreds of years apart, who face difficult choices. Linda Thompson does an excellent job with this gorgeous, not-to-be missed novel.”
Sarah Sundin, bestselling and Carol Award-winning author of When Twilight Breaks and the Sunrise at Normandy series

“In her remarkable novel, The Mulberry Leaf Whispers, Linda Thompson immerses readers in two periods of Japanese history. She brilliantly captures the strict social structures that ruled every life, rich or poor, in the sixteenth century under lord regents and shoguns and then in the years after World War II, when those social structures had been shattered. For those like me who know very little about Japanese history, Thompson has given us two compelling, parallel stories. I was captured from page one and couldn’t stop reading!”
Louise M. Gouge, award-winning author of Winning Amber