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Japan 1948.
A prostitute seeks her revenge.

A World War II hero finds his true mission.

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and International Book Award Finalist!



"A taut, crisp debut achievement that colorfully evokes the Pacific theater of WWII. Start this one forewarned: it's a stay-up-all-night read."- Jerry B. Jenkins--21-time New York Times bestselling author (Left Behind, et al)


"Edgy, yet edifying, Thompson's debut is sure to leave its mark on you.... If you have time to squeeze in one more book... let it be this one." - Amanda Geaney, Christian Shelf-Esteem


Inspired by a true story.

In 1942, Miyako Matsuura watched her little brother die on the street, a victim of the first bombing raid on Japan. By 1948, the war had reduced her to a street-hardened prostitute consumed by her shame.


Dave Delham piloted a B-25 in the mission that killed Miyako’s brother. He survived a torturous three-year ordeal as a Japanese P.O.W. As a prisoner he discovered a faith in Christ that carried him through evil days. In 1948 he returns to Japan as a Christian missionary, determined to demonstrate Jesus’ love.


Convinced that Delham was responsible for the bomb that snuffed out her little brother’s life, Miyako resolves to restore her honor by avenging him—even if it costs her own life.


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U.S. and the U.K. aligning versus Russia/Iran/Turkey in Syria... Ezekiel 37 held the playbook for the Twentieth Century. Is the lineup for chilling Ezekiel 38 forming now?


In honor of Israel's 70th birthday. Why should an ancient covenant mean the world to us today? Don't miss the heart of God on this!


You'll never look at a rainbow the same way again!


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