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  • Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and Fiction

    Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and in Fiction

    Jesus used the power of story to reach people and teach them. Well-crafted Christian fiction can also help draw us closer to Christ. I have to confess, I reflect sometimes on how crazy it seems that I’ve devoted so much time and effort over the past years writing a work of… fiction! While I’m in […full post]

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  • The Plum Blooms in Winter

    Know someone who loved the Midway Movie? Here’s the perfect gift for them! Finish the Doolittle Raid adventure the Midway Movie started. Inspired by a Gripping True Story of Courage and Forgiveness 44 5-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazon Reviews! “Linda Thompson attacks the publishing world like a Mitsubishi Zero swooping from the Japanese sky. The Plum Blooms In […full post]

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