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  • When Storms Rage

    When Storms Rage

    As Ida leaves millions literally powerless, many will ask the “why” questions. Could there be a clear answer that points us to a sovereign God, firmly in charge of human affairs?

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  • Why I Will Not

    Why. I. (Still.) Will. Not…

    Shocking new data! No, I still will not submit to this. (Mark of the Beast? I don’t think so, but here’s why it’s a very disturbing forerunner.)

  • Israel: Setting the Record Straight

    Israel: Setting the Record Straight

    On Israel’s 73rd birthday, the tiny nation is all over the news as vicious violence erupts–again. And–again–much of what we’re reading in major media is founded in lies. Going back to the roots of the decades-old conflict, there are some key facts many may not be aware of.  And numerous distortions that are getting passed off as truth.

  • Why I Will Not

    Why. I. Will. Not…

    The five reasons I will not submit to this one–nor should you. Some even say it’s the Mark of the Beast. I don’t think so, but this lays out why it’s both a dangerous experiment and a disturbing forerunner.

  • Lucifer Rising Banner

    Lucifer Rising

    Coming TOMORROW to twenty cities near you! And strategically timed to coincide with the ancient pagan festival of the Midsummer solstice. Nothing “new” about this new world order.

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