An adventure starts with a step of faith.

Linda ThompsonI suppose there was a time when becoming a Christian was a safe move. Opting for a bit of fire insurance and membership in a cozy “Sunday Morning Club.”

Today is not that time. And fewer and fewer nations in the world are that place. Christians are persecuted in more countries and in more ways than ever before. It seems we’re returning to an era when to follow Christ means to be “hard-pressed on every side… persecuted… struck down, but not destroyed.” (2 Cor 4:8-10)

The thing I’ve always loved about the written word is the way it can carry me to a place and time I can’t visit on my own. This website is dedicated to believers who are ready to use that power to head for the front lines. To join the battle through prayer and advocacy. I promise to take you where faith gets hard.

My blog is entitled Five Stones and a Sling. I’ve been taking on the giants of political correctness and convention, and publicizing stories of believers who get reckless with their faith.

As for my novels, I won’t kid you. The books I feel compelled to write—the stories that have grabbed me and won’t let go—are no light read. My characters are flawed people facing brutal—and all too real—circumstances. However, in the end they’re also stories of reckless faith and (spoiler alert!) none of it’s too grim for God.

If you’re a “safe” Christiana rest-you-merry, comfort-and-joy Christianthis site may not be for you. But if you’re prepared to confront the realities of the perilous times in which we live, it’s my goal to see you intrigued, informed and inspired here.

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