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  • Israel: Setting the Record Straight

    Israel: Setting the Record Straight

    Four Facts About Israel … And Four Reasons Israel Deserves Our Support Israel has been in the news a great deal in the past weeks. Who hasn’t been horrified by the footage from the Gaza border? And controversy is erupting again today, after Hamas’ decision to fire 45 rockets into Israel on Tuesday night, received […full post]

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  • When God Grants All Access

    When God Grants “All Access”

    Does it sound a bit presumptuous to say I know what God has always wanted to offer His people? Perhaps, but bear with me! When He led His people out of Pharoah’s brickyards to freedom, He told Moses what His end game was. “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall […full post]

  • Can We Hear Him Now?

    Can We Hear Him Now?

    When I sought the Lord for His message this week, I got a simple one: Don’t stop listening. We seem to be in a pregnant pause. A sort of holding pattern. World events have been barreling along, fulfilling prophecy after prophecy. But since the ceasefire in Gaza, a kind of hush seems to have fallen. […full post]

  • When God's People Trust the Bible

    Our Bible’s Accuracy: Responding to Two Questions, Two Lies.

    How often have you run into a question like this?  “Of course we believe the Bible is the word of God, to the degree it’s been accurately copied and translated. But it hasn’t, has it?” This was given by a sweet elderly Mormon lady, in defense of one of many doctrines in her church that […full post]

  • The Fourth Feast and the Elephant in Gaza

    The Elephant in the Room So, it’s been a terrible week, and a wonderful week. Who hasn’t been jarred by the split-screen views contrasting the exultant speeches at the Jerusalem embassy’s opening, with the mayhem on Israel’s border, and the horrible living conditions in Gaza? Who hasn’t stared in horror at the footage of wounded on […full post]

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