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  • Updates on Asia and Ahok

    UPDATES on Persecuted Believers We’ve Prayed For

    I have a little hopeful news! So I thought I’d dash off a quick update. In Pakistan, after seven years on death row, Asia Bibi has one more appeal remaining. Her attorney has requested a new court date, for June. Please pray the appeal will be heard and that the poor woman will be freed! […full post]

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  • The Holocaust; A Crucial Prophetic Event

    The Holocaust: The Most Crucial Prophetic Event of Our Day

    This is the third post in a series on Divine Appointments: Milestones in God’s Calendar (And Why They Matter Now). Seventy-two years ago, the world was shocked and horrified as the extent of the Holocaust extermination machine was unveiled. Six million Jews, half of Europe’s Jewish population and a third of the world’s, slaughtered in […full post]

  • Captured Airmen Find Hope in Christ

    Seventy-Five Years Ago Today: After “Infamy,” Forgiveness Wins!

    This is just a quick post to let you know about my first-ever guest blog at the Christian History Institute! It’s in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid, a daring air/sea attack that changed the course of WWII. There’s a wonderful behind-the-scenes story about how captured airmen found a new source of […full post]

  • Christ Our Passover

    Christ Our Passover Is Sacrificed

    Therefore let us keep the feast! Four Astounding Ways the Jewish Passover Anticipates Messiah. This is the second post in a series on Divine Appointments: Milestones in God’s Calendar (And Why They Matter Now). I’ve been on a bit of a personal odyssey. We made a family trip to Israel a couple of years ago—which […full post]

  • Happy Biblical New Year

    A New Calendar for God’s New People… And Why It Was Crucial

    I have to tell you, I had a plan for this blog and this post was nowhere on it. But the Lord really pressed it on my heart. As I watched the new crescent moon a couple evenings ago… I realized I was observing a momentous occasion—the beginning of a new Biblical year. And possibly […full post]

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