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  • Seven Key Messages from the Ninth of Av

    Seven Key Messages from the Ninth of Av

    So many haunting parallels between the events of our day and one of the greatest tragedies in Scripture. Like Jeremiah, Daniel, and Esther, we must refuse to bow the knee to the “god of this world.” (2 Cor 4:4). And it will cost us something!

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  • My Independence Day Manifesto

    My Independence Day Manifesto

    “Our buddies died to perpetuate those ideals.” Our freedom has been purchased at a supreme price. May I never sell that sacrifice short by relinquishing those freedoms lightly!

  • Why I Will Not

    Why. I. (Still.) Will. Not…

    Shocking new data! No, I still will not submit to this. (Mark of the Beast? I don’t think so, but here’s why it’s a very disturbing forerunner.)

  • Linda Thompson | When the Sun and Moon Sing Praise

    When the Sun and Moon Sing Praise

    The God whose handprint marks the heavens, Who appointed the sun and moon’s ordered dance, has mapped out human history as well. The God who calls the stars by name (Is 40:26) is also calling… yours.

  • He Is Near Right at the Door Banner

    Top Four Signs We’re in the Last of Last Days

    Yes, I have been saying this in as many ways as I know how to say it, over the course of several years. (Sorry, not sorry… 😉 After all, Noah said it for more than a century! That didn’t make him wrong, now did it?) But here it is collected in one place–the top four highlights as to why I’m so sure the apocalyptic last days the Bible warns us of are very imminent.

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