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  • When the Heavens Declare

    When the Heavens Declare

    We’re entering a season when “the heavens are declaring the glory of God” (Ps 19:1) in new and dramatic ways. And they’re highlighting the Lord’s “engraved invitation” to enter the Lamb’s Book of Life. Today will be memorable for a solar eclipse that will completely block the sun for many in the U.S. It’s estimated […full post]

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  • Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and Fiction

    Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and in Fiction

    Jesus used the power of story to reach people and teach them. Well-crafted Christian fiction can also help draw us closer to Christ. I have to confess, I reflect sometimes on how crazy it seems that I’ve devoted so much time and effort over the past years writing a work of… fiction! While I’m in […full post]

  • Does Godly Parenting Produce Godly Children?

    What happens when every effort at Christian parenting appears to fail? Do our children come with a “Proverbs 22:6 Guarantee”? While I’m in the U.K. for a week of mission work in Cornwall, followed by my son’s wedding in Wales (!!), my good friend and multi-published author Robin Patchen was gracious enough to agree to […full post]

  • Temple Destroyed

    A Tale of Two Temples

    Beware the Ninth of Av! The most ominous date on the Jewish calendar, the date that marks the destruction of the First and Second Temple, begins this Monday evening. Who’s in control? God’s calendar reminds us. This is the tenth post in this series on Divine Appointments: Insights from God’s calendar. Nothing in the Bible […full post]

  • When Stars Sing

    When Stars Sing

    “Night to night reveals knowledge.” (Psalm 19:2) Something wonderful is unfolding in the night sky right now. Seriously, you need to read this. This Divine Appointments: Insights from God’s Calendar series started in answer to a question. “In the beginning,” God created the sun, the moon and the heavenly bodies “to separate the day from […full post]

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