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Linda Thompson at ACFW Award Ceremony August 2016

How Did a Nice Girl Like Me Wind Up on a Crazy Literary Journey Like This?

My fictionwriting journey started in earnest six years ago. One day my husband said to me, “Why don’t you write that novel you always talk about?” Which was funny because I don’t remember talking about writing a novel.

I’ve always been conflicted about whether I’m a left-brain or a right-brain person. I dreamed of becoming a figure-skating choreographer, of all things, then got a degree in electrical engineering instead. Oh, and I did win a campus writing contest or two on the way.

My career with global technology companies took me all over the developed world and gave me the opportunity to work with people from diverse cultures. That turned out to be the aspect of my profession I enjoyed most.

So work was a little slow that summer and my right brain decided to assert itself. I signed up for a couple of college writing classes.

Later, that same dear hubby showed me a paragraph in a history book about a World War II hero-turned-missionary and a nameless Japanese woman who pledged to assassinate him. The story perplexed me, then challenged and inspired me.

I sensed the Lord’s calling to capture the truths in that story through a different lens so it could impact more people.

That story became The Plum Blooms in Winter, which will be my debut novel. I’m currently working on a follow-on novel inspired by the Doolittle Raid, tentatively titled The Cherry Blossom Falls.

I live just outside Phoenix with my husband, a third-generation airline pilot who doubles as my Chief Military Research Officer. We share our home with our two nearly-grown-up kids and a small platoon of housecats.

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