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  • Strange Things Blessed

    Some Strange Things to Be Thankful For

      Things that won’t make you popular if you list them as blessings around the dinner table. But Jesus did!   I spent some time last week researching the story of Plymouth Colony for a new EBook. (The True Story Isn’t the Turkey: TWO Holiday Stories Every Believer Should Know. You can grab it here […full post]

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  • A Prophet Like Moses

    A Prophet Like Moses

    Key among Moses’ prophecies is this: “The Lord Your God will raise up for you… a prophet like me” (Deut 18:15). Fourteen astonishing ways Jesus fulfilled this ages-old Messianic prophecy. All the Feasts! It occurs to me that, as we’ve moved through this year, I’ve now posted on the whole cycle of Feasts! As well […full post]

  • Samhain: Dark Deeds Under a Full Moon

    Dark Deeds Under a Full Moon

    Don’t mistake the ancient pattern of mayhem and murder that prevailed this past weekend. While this past weekend’s long-threatened revolution against the Trump regime in the United States pretty much fizzled, a much older threat bore bitter fruit. By now you’re well aware of the horrifying details around the shootings at the First Baptist Church […full post]

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