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  • When Stars Sing

    When Stars Sing

    “Night to night reveals knowledge.” (Psalm 19:2) Something wonderful is unfolding in the night sky right now. Seriously, you need to read this. This Divine Appointments: Insights from God’s Calendar series started in answer to a question. “In the beginning,” God created the sun, the moon and the heavenly bodies “to separate the day from […full post]

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  • The Fast That Failed

    The Fast That Failed

    God’s prophet warned them: their fast was fruitless. But “hearts like flint” doomed them to repeat their dark history. This post on the Fast of Tammuz is the eighth in a series on Divine Appointments: Insights from God’s Calendar. Nothing in the Bible is “old news”! And here we go again! I started out with […full post]

  • A New Hitler, and Ancient Prophecy, and Andrew Brunson

    A “New Hitler,” an Old Prophecy and Andrew Brunson

    In Turkey, an emerging despot consolidates his power—and an American pastor is caught in the crossfire. Does Andrew Brunson look like an “armed terrorist” to you? Updated 10/8/17. This is the seventh post in this “Stories of Reckless Faith” series. Erdogan: A Despot of Biblical Proportions Recep Tayyip Erdogan has served as President of Turkey […full post]

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