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  • Harvey: When Storms Rage

    Harvey, then Irma: When Storms Rage

    Harvey followed so closely by Irma. Many will ask the “why” questions. Could there be a clear answer that points us to a sovereign God, firmly in charge of human affairs? Well, once again I had a plan for “my” blog, but the Holy Spirit seems to be leading me somewhere completely different! I have […full post]

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  • When the Heavens Declare

    When the Heavens Declare

    We’re entering a season when “the heavens are declaring the glory of God” (Ps 19:1) in new and dramatic ways. And they’re highlighting the Lord’s “engraved invitation” to enter the Lamb’s Book of Life. Today will be memorable for a solar eclipse that will completely block the sun for many in the U.S. It’s estimated […full post]

  • Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and Fiction

    Allegory and Symbolism in the Bible and in Fiction

    Jesus used the power of story to reach people and teach them. Well-crafted Christian fiction can also help draw us closer to Christ. I have to confess, I reflect sometimes on how crazy it seems that I’ve devoted so much time and effort over the past years writing a work of… fiction! While I’m in […full post]

  • Does Godly Parenting Produce Godly Children?

    What happens when every effort at Christian parenting appears to fail? Do our children come with a “Proverbs 22:6 Guarantee”? While I’m in the U.K. for a week of mission work in Cornwall, followed by my son’s wedding in Wales (!!), my good friend and multi-published author Robin Patchen was gracious enough to agree to […full post]

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