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  • Love the Underdog | Cynthia Herron

    Love the Underdog

      It’s a pleasure to share this post, filled with poignant stories that hit me where I live! My friend and fellow author Cynthia Herron writes “Heartfelt, Homespun Fiction” that has garnered multiple American Christian Fiction Writers’ awards. I’m excited to read her debut novel, Her Hope Discovered, when it releases from Mountain Brook Ink in January! Congratulations, Cynthia, […full post]

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  • When God Grants All Access

    When God Grants “All Access”

    Does it sound a bit presumptuous to say I know what God has always wanted to offer His people? Perhaps, but bear with me! When He led His people out of Pharoah’s brickyards to freedom, He told Moses what His end game was. “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall […full post]

  • Can We Hear Him Now?

    Can We Hear Him Now?

    When I sought the Lord for His message this week, I got a simple one: Don’t stop listening. We seem to be in a pregnant pause. A sort of holding pattern. World events have been barreling along, fulfilling prophecy after prophecy. But since the ceasefire in Gaza, a kind of hush seems to have fallen. […full post]

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