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  • When We Run Ezekiel Playbook

    Ezekiel: The Playbook for the Past Century

    Who would have guessed the ancient words of Ezekiel 37 would provide the playbook for the twentieth century? (Umm… students of Bible prophecy, that’s who!) So, Ezekiel, with the children of Israel BACK from the valley of dry bones, and—against all odds— RESTORED “as an exceedingly great army” to their land…  What next? (Prepare for some […full post]

  • Strange Things Blessed

    Some Strange Things to Be Thankful For

      Things that won’t make you popular if you list them as blessings around the dinner table. But Jesus did!   I spent some time last week researching the story of Plymouth Colony for a new EBook. (The True Story Isn’t the Turkey: TWO Holiday Stories Every Believer Should Know. You can grab it here […full post]

  • A Prophet Like Moses

    A Prophet Like Moses

    Key among Moses’ prophecies is this: “The Lord Your God will raise up for you… a prophet like me” (Deut 18:15). Fourteen astonishing ways Jesus fulfilled this ages-old Messianic prophecy. All the Feasts! It occurs to me that, as we’ve moved through this year, I’ve now posted on the whole cycle of Feasts! As well […full post]

  • Samhain: Dark Deeds Under a Full Moon

    Dark Deeds Under a Full Moon

    Don’t mistake the ancient pattern of mayhem and murder that prevailed this past weekend. While this past weekend’s long-threatened revolution against the Trump regime in the United States pretty much fizzled, a much older threat bore bitter fruit. By now you’re well aware of the horrifying details around the shootings at the First Baptist Church […full post]

  • He Is Near

    Top Four Signs We’re in the Last of the Last Days

    “So, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” (Matt 24:33) Top Four Signs the Last of the Last Days Are Right Here, Right Now. Yeah. If you happened […full post]

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